I’m going to preface this with I KNOW I AM NOT UGLY. I definitely used to feel that way in grade school. Maybe one person has asked me out, otherwise it’s always me lusting after guys. And that kind of hurts, but in the end, now that I’m a bit older, I take really good care of my skin and heath and I can honestly look in the mirror and say “You look cute today” 9/10 times. But all of these I feel have applied to me in some way or another at some point in my life. And because of that they made me lol and think “OMG yes. This.”

Also, I really like this blog. I think it’s funny and the person who runs it has the right mindset. I’m sorry for everyone who is hurt by it because I think the reason it was made is a good reason and if you can’t get that out of it I feel bad.

May 25, 2012
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